Best Exchanges

Trading or investing in cryptocurrency can be intimidating for newbies. Of course, if you are new to this kind of activity, anyone would be nervous, especially if you don’t know the system and how it works. Cryptocurrency trading and investing profit are relatively higher, but the risks are also high. Crypto exchange platforms have risks. Many scammers are always on the lookout for newbie traders. So, before you start investing or trading, it’s crucial to know the basics, today, we will discuss some of the best and legit crypto exchange platforms and websites. 

• Coinbase – one of the most trusted crypto exchanges, it’s the most widely known crypto exchange in the US. Coinbase is a legit and licensed cryptocurrency exchange. It’s the most popular crypto exchange in the US and operates in over 40 territories. They have a solid variety of altcoin choices and have very high liquidity. The UI is straightforward and easy to use.

• Cash App – if you’re a newbie, then a cash app would be perfect for you. Cash app charges the fee depending on the market’s activity, meaning the higher the market activity, the higher the fee is. Cash app is much like Venmo that uses peer-to-peer money transfer. It also has the ability to withdraw bitcoin. The UI is also simple and easy to use. But it only allows bitcoin investment for now.