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Blockchain technology can be used literary everywhere, including escort websites, as well as back page alternatives found here, as long as they accept cryptocurrency. Blockchain technology’s popularity has given birth to modernize many industries, including the entertainment and sex industry. The way cryptocurrency works have revolutionized many industries, and it has become the most convenient way to pay black-market industry and obscure sectors of society (e.g., pornography, drugs).

Escort websites fall in the sex industry and entertainment industry. Obscure businesses like these require innovation to be more aggressive on the market. Blockchain technology promises a lot of benefits and is popular to use as a form of payment. It’s not surprising why these industries would accept crypto as payment because it’s safe, fast, and reliable.

Why would a person use cryptocurrency on escort websites?

There are many reasons why a person would use a cryptocurrency on an escort website. Obscure industries are dangerous. You can never deny that these industries are riskier and have the potential to leak your information and use it to blackmail you or use it on other shady stuff. Which is why most people who casually visit escort website would be less likely to use credit or debit cards. 

• Easy Access

Anyone, literally anyone, can have a crypto wallet. A Crypto wallet is just like your ordinary credit card or debit card the difference is it does not require your information in sending or receiving money unless you share it in public. Furthermore, you can easily send or receive money by only using your computer or smartphone. Cryptocurrency is widely used in many industries, including the adult industry. 

• Anonymity

Escort websites fall under obscure industry category, a person who uses cryptocurrency in escort website are aware of the risk. They don’t want to share their information. That’s why they use crypto as payment. Maybe they don’t want someone to found out that they are involved in such activity. Cryptocurrency provides the user anonymity because using crypto is discreet, and paying with crypto is safer than credit card purchases or cash-purchases. Furthermore, crypto payments cannot be traced back from the sender or receiver. Although crypto can provide you anonymity, it doesn’t mean your safe from bad people like scammers. 

• Mobile Payment

Cryptocurrency can provide a mobile payment for users. Anyone can pay for their purchases using their smartphone as long as it has internet access. Also, cryptocurrency is an efficient and faster way to pay. Cryptocurrency is just like a credit card. It has value and can be used to buy goods and services as long as the merchant accepts cryptocurrency. However, unlike a credit card or online payment system in banks, your personal information is not needed to complete your transaction. 

Not all escort websites are safe, some may be legit, and others are not. There are many frauds and schemes that you can encounter in this industry. Scammers, hackers, exploiter, and phishing are just some of the things you should be aware of. So it would be best if you use cryptocurrency to pay rather than your bank account or credit card.

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